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How does Buck Converter work? | DC-DC Converter - 1

In this video we will explore the design and working of a closed-loop buck converter.
From its basic circuit to feedback driven circuit, we will explore it completely.

Correction: 6:05 - The duty cycle of PWM "increases".

00:00 - Introduction
00:17 - PWM
01:12 - Adding Inductor
02:30 - Frequency Increase
02:45 - Adding Capacitor
03:52 - Basic Buck Converter
04:13 - Closed Loop Buck Converter Circuit
04:20 - Operational Amplifier or Op-Amp
04:54 - Differential Op-Amp
05:30 - PWM Generator
06:08 - MOSFET
07:00 - Supply and Reference Voltages
07:25 - Normal Load (Output Voltage High)
07:37 - Double Load (Output Voltage High)
08:05 - Change Output Voltage
08:23 - Important Points
08:28 - 1) Voltage Divider
09:00 - 1.5) Load Change
09:21 - 2) PWM Generator (Reversed Comparator Inputs)
09:40 - Outro

The feedback does changes at 07:37 (Little change) but due to compression (Handbrake + YouTube), The color doesn't change.

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#CircuitAnimation #DC_DC_Conversion
sermsak limpadapun : Great explanation, I am glad I studied Mechanical engineering.
Uwe Zimmermann : great animations, correct science and engineering. But please allow your digital narrator to both get some air and give him some emphasis while speaking...
اختراعات الكترونية : ، good
Britantyo Wicaksono : HAHA 200 thousand students will have a midterm test
Ferid Emini : This is the best channel on electronics for sure. So much detail and the explanation is perfect, but I wish to ask you, which software is used?

Boost Converters (DC-DC Step-Up) - Electronics Intermediate 1

A look into how boost converters work in a very visual format. Try this circuit: http://goo.gl/nkHq9H

Boost Converter Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boost_converter

Software: Everycircuit.com

If you would like to support me to keep Simply Electronics going, you can become a Patron at https://www.patreon.com/SimplyElectronics
Nigator Master : voltage growing ?whot about AMP and wattage?
jonathan1976xxx : Thank you very much very educational really enjoyed and subscribe nice one
Martin F : Actually starts at 2:37
Waruna Chathuranga : Can i know what's name of this software?. Good teaching. Thanks buddy
Westwood Mao : why it only adds up to 100V? what is the calculation?

Boost Converters and Buck Converters: Power Electronics

Switching Power Converters: Electric Power supplies.
My Patreon page is at https://www.patreon.com/EugeneK
VejyMonsta : Fantastic visualization
Hunter Keating : Bravo! Thanks!
mcac2007 : Se depois dessa animação perfeita o sujeito não entender, desiste de entender eletrônica.
math dimadima : Thats crazy
geamdjum09 : 這太棒了,完美教學解開我的疑惑!


#dc - dc 컨버터


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